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MA: Ngoc Lan by adventvera16
MA: Ngoc Lan
Been a long time since I have visited Deviantart and here I am up for another round for Roleplays. :D. Meet my OC Ngoc Lan. Some may have already known Lan from my trio, but right now, this is her human form and is not or has some slight similarities to her original counterpart. :D

Application for :iconmargedion-academy:

WIP - To do this weekend or within the week

Name: Ngoc Lan
Faction: Luxuria

Nephesh: Pendant (in the form of a shell) -> Spinel Necklace (core)

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Nationality: Vietnamese

"Flowers don't grow in the dark." - Yasmin

Lan is the only daughter of a lower middle class family. Ever since she was a child, she has been given high expectations by her parents. Being as she is, she accepts this responsibility and works hard to excel with whatever she has. However, she wasn't able to excel in the field of communicating and mingling with her peers. She manages to find friends in Yasmin and Qing, who helped her get out of her shell, enjoy life more, and bloom, later on.

As she grew up, she realized she had developed a liking for music and performing arts and asked her parents to let her study these. However, her parents laughed over her wish and refused her this opportunity, saying she should just concentrate on her studies. She reluctantly agrees to this but still has that desire to pursue it.

Yasmin, hurt that her best friend is going through such troubles, asks Lan. "Please perform for me?". Lan agrees to this but she always puts it off, because she wants it to be perfect. The only thing Lan didn't know was that Yasmin was very sick and was going to be hospitalized soon. 

A stick-in-the-mud. Organized. Always analyzing and aiming for the best results. Lan always strives to please and be a good girl so as not to cause trouble to anyone around her.  Even so, she does have a good head on her shoulders and knows what is right from wrong.

She can appear very aloof and cold at first but she will learn to warm up to you, if she feels comfortable enough and that you are on her side. She can be seen as quiet and an introvert, but she won't shy away from challenges or duties.

Lan is a dependable, observant, trustworthy and a sharp individual who can be blunt and speak as she likes, but, most of the time, she does have good intentions. Although she may appear as strong-minded, she can also become emotional and want to be with others.

Weapon: Plasma Whip/Light Saber MA-App-NgocLan-Refs-2
:bulletpink: Plasma/light whip
- on one end of the weapon; requires energy/ions to keep flowing

- more stable version (by time) of her weapon and can last longer than her other weapon
- doesn't require too much heat or energy to keep ionized (Non-Thermal, only portion of the gases are ionized, the ions are held at low temperature)

- acts like a one-tailed whip, so damage is basically cuts and burns.
- can be used for immobilization

:bulletpink: Plasma/light saber
- on the other end of the weapon, with the blunt material; requires more energy to be held stable and it needs a certain shape to follow through.
- If no energy is flowing, it's simply a blunt conducting material (can be used for defense). 

- less stable version (by time) of her weapon and can last only 120-150 seconds; Can be reactivated after 15 seconds cool down
- requires heat and energy to keep ionized and concentrated (Thermal - requires to keep the electrons and heavy particles in thermal equilibrium)

- acts like a solid material but still cannot slash right through materials, only through flesh. (Lan can increase the temperature, thereby making it more concentrated to cause more damage)
- length can be increased or decreased in length, but cannot take the form of another shape or weapon.

:bulletpink: Note: The two cannot be used at the same time. 

Power: Plasma Manipulation (Plasma - ionized state of matter; does not have any shape but can easily be affected by electromagnetic fields; Thermal Plasma (Saber), Non-Thermal Plasma (Whip) )
Pro: Easy to shift and create ions with her weapon, lights up an area (she can ionize small amounts of air for a certain amount of time)
Con: Physical effects (e.g. burns, spazz), Energy draining, Cooldown

Weaknesses: (Personality-wise and skill-wise.)
:bulletpink: Goes along with the flow of everything; Not willing to step forward to speak for herself, needs a push to do so.
:bulletpink: A goody-two-shoes who sticks to the rules and dislikes people who don't follow through with rules or regulations.
:bulletpink: Aloof and cold, if approached for the first time or you annoy her.
:bulletpink: Perfectionist. Overcritical. Fussy. 
:bulletpink: Can tire easily. Needs cooldown every now and then. 
:bulletpink: May need to harvest energy from sources later on (e.g. sun)
:bulletpink: If pushed too hard or exerted too much concentrated heat and energy, her hands will spazz and/or have burn marks even after she has reverted to deus form. It will heal after several hours.
:bulletpink: Vulnerable if weapon is not in hand. 

Strengths: (Personality-wise and skill-wise.)
:bulletpink: Meticulous, practical and analytic with her work and will make sure things will run smoothly. 
:bulletpink: Caring and helpful, like an older sister. Motherly, to a certain point. Modest with her works. Can be witty and charming if she tried. 
:bulletpink: Willing to follow through instructions. Can be bookish but she can understand and explain if asked.
:bulletpink: Great support and forever loyal and dedicated to those close to her.
:bulletpink: Can ionize small amounts of air just with her hand (e.g snapping fingers). It doesn't last long and just appears as a spark/ball of light. Not really useful in battle.
:bulletpink: Agile and swift. Can "dance" her way out of physical attacks. 
:bulletpink: If attacked directly, she will use the saber for protection and offense.
The whip acts primarily to immobilize and inflict slices and burns, but not enough to damage her opponents. If willed to, Lan can increase her concentration and make the blade/whip sharp to slice deep enough.

:bulletpink: Lan is very fond of books and tends to want to be left alone to her books rather than socializing with people. If looking for her, she's most likely in a library. She is particularly interested in books that involve astronomy, botany, genetics and anatomy. A science-book person, particularly in Biology.
:bulletpink: Lan is fond of coffee, but she prefers iced coffee over hot coffee. 
:bulletpink: Lan doesn't know how to swim. 
:bulletpink: Lan really does love music and performing arts, but wasn't given the chance to fully develop her skills as presented in her history. She can sing because of some voice lessons, but that's about it.
:bulletpink: She wants to play with animals, but is scared she might hurt or scare them, so she doesn't approach them immediately.
:bulletpink: As long as she is not annoyed while reading, she'll get along fine with anyone.
:bulletpink: She loves the rain, especially thunderstorms.
:bulletpink: Lan likes to tie her hair in different styles, but prefers the braids any time. 

Terms of Agreement:
I hereby agree that my character is an active part of the story and will accept any changes that will happen to him/her/them given that said changes were objectively designated by the admins.
TMH Event - Welcome Letter [Toni] by adventvera16
TMH Event - Welcome Letter [Toni]
It so has been a long time since I've gotten to RP as Toni, but I'd come back for her to play here some time... when I'm free. Graduate school isn't a breeze or just something to take lightly of. Journals here and there, experiments here and there, reporting here and there, presentation of experimental designs here and there... so uhm... yeah.

Well, back to the image. Toni is very much surprised and happy with the gift and letter she found on her bed. She has been going through a lot ever since coming to New York, so having someone do her something sweet is definitely helping ease Toni's mood and anxiety. Toni would most likely cook crepes as a thank you gift if ever. :D

Anyway, back to work for me. And then next event to work on some other time. Kaya yannnnn~~~~
okay... I know I don't come here that often. I know that I don't upload that much art. I know that I haven't updated on a lot of things I should have done before. I know I don't get to do much on this account.


Okay, 4 years is a long time to reach 10 K, but like I said, I don't work here that much!! So. I'm shocked and mystified at the same time. O_O
I mean, my whole attention is on my OC Yasmin, and yet this page still gets some stuff? WOW. 

For whoever's been looking at this page of mine, or checking my art and giving some favorites here and there. Thank you very much.

And if someone DOES reach my 10 K view, I'll be more than happy to give you a gift. If you can send me a picture, then that will be swell. 
If not, oh well, I can settle for another time.

Until then, ciao everyone~!

OKAY. It's over 9000//bricked. I mean, it's over 10000. WHO REACHED IT. SPEAK UP NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!!!! 
TMH App- Antoinette Beaumont by adventvera16
TMH App- Antoinette Beaumont

Joining new RP groups~. Tralalalalalaa~ XDDD. Still in the process of editing, if ever needed. Much for experience points and much to know more people. Let's get this on~!
For :iconthe-manhattan-house:

EDITED: Yey~! I'm in! Congrats to all of those who had gotten in as well, hope to get to know more people~!! Will do some edits and additional stuff. Just to give Toni more shape.

 Antoinette Beaumont / Toni

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5' 7'' / 125 lbs

Date of Birth: October 9, 1990

Occupation: Animal Daycare Assistant/

Room Type: Double 


Although not being the smartest person around, she definitely does have the needed stamina, dedication and determination when it comes to her job and work. Her driving force would perhaps be the dreams she had longed for ever since she was a child.

Antoinette can be considered quite carefree and careless in some of the decisions she makes. If ever she makes a mistake, she does her best to mend it up. In most times, she can find herself troubled to say no to favors or help. A yes-woman.

She can be considered a country bumpkin as she still has a hard time adjusting to the city life and with all the technology around her. She would much prefer doing it the manual way over the digital way. Note, she is even worse with handling electronics. And as Mori has nicknamed her, "Playlist cleaner", please avoid giving her such stuff. Toni does use beepers, so one can still contact her easily.

Meeting with new people on the first time is always a hard thing for Antoinette as she does not know how to talk directly with them. But as soon as she becomes comfortable and accepting, she can be very affectionate and attentive but at the same time, too caring and forgiving. as she would rather settle things immediately and peacefully. If she acts a little more playful with a person, it means she is already trusting the person.

She can be laid-back and have a pacifist attitude, but expect her to put her whole heart and fight for something if it is very important. There are times she can be stubborn, but can give in sooner or later. But if she feels you have wronged her in one way or another, she can be even more stubborn. 

She is somewhat of an empath and can easily sense negativity in the air. She very much does try to avoid such places but she is trying to learn how to cope up with it. Although it is weird, she seems to understand a lot about animals more than people do.


Antoinette, or Toni for short, is a fresh high school graduate with a big heart, especially for animals. As her dream is to become a veterinarian, she hopes to find her fortune and pursue her dream here in the big city.

Hailing from a modest ranch of British Columbia, she had spent most of her years with her own family of five and some extended members. Being the eldest of her younger twin siblings, she strived to become a working role model and a loving sister to both of them. Aside from her family, Antoinette shared a mutual love for their farm animals, especially her horses and dogs. It is much joked among their family and neighbors that she can speak with animals better than with people. Despite this, many just shrugged it off as familiar affection instead of something more for the young girl. 

Somehow, her family managed to get their three children into school despite the problems arising soon. Antoinette started late in her schoolings, though. To help bring more money to the table, she also worked in small part time jobs around her neighborhood, mostly involving animals. With the help of some connections of her teachers and family, she managed to find a ray of hope to enrol in a university involving Veterinary Medicine. But first, she would have to take an assistant job under her aunt's friend in Manhattan for her skills to be determined, as well as experience, before she can be accepted. But the day she received this wonderful news, her father suffered a stroke and became bedridden.

As much as they had lived comfortably by themselves, their family did not have a steady income to pay for their land's lease. What's worse, their family's debt increased by the years and made it harder for them to pay for it. Due to stress and overwork, her father became ill and made it harder for him to look after the farm and his family's needs. Antoinette knew that working on the farm would be of much better help for her family, but her father insisted her to aim for her dream instead, much to the surprise of the rest of the family members. It was assumed she would have wanted to continue running the ranch, but the father explained that he knew she had other things in mind. Both her relatives and her mother were against it, as it would cause them more money and expenses. But he urged it even harder. Because, he believed it was better to become something you dreamt of instead of being something else. In the end, Antoinette apologized and explained to everyone then about what she really wanted and begged to be allowed to do this, promising she will do this quickly and provide help for the family as soon as she can.

With a heavy heart, everyone agreed to her father's wish. She left her mother and her siblings with the promise to rid her family of their debt, to help her siblings get into college and become a veterinarian.

She left for Manhattan a week after and managed to find her aunt's friend who agreed to take her in as an assistant in her animal daycare center. If she gains his recommendation, she may enroll in the university she wishes to enter. As for her lodgings, she saw an opening in the Manhattan house and decided to check it out.



Johannes Beaumont- father of the Beaumont family. A serious but very capable man. A rancher like his wife, he wished to live a fruitful life with his family. However, being under the pressure and stress of working to pay for the debts of the farm, he pushed himself too hard and had fallen terribly ill.

Madeline Francesca Beaumont - mother of the Beaumont family. Loving and tender, she is but a mother figure to her children and is the central worker of their farm.

Denise Beaumont and Daniel Beaumont - Antoinette's twin siblings. They are only both 7 years old when she left to go to New York. Even though they are still young, they help a lot in the farm. They share a common interest in music.

Michael Beaumont (grandfather), Francis Beaumont and Florentina Beaumont (aunt and uncle) - Antoinette's relatives who also work in the ranch. Cecilia Jones is Florentina's friend.

Cecilia Jones - Antoinette's employer in the No-Leash Daycare Center. She is the aunt's friend who decided to take her in and judge if she is right for the referral. A widow in her 50s and has connections in the university Antoinette wishes to enter.

Additional Info: 

✓ Sweets and Pastries
✓ Tea > Coffee 
✓ Playing with Animals
✓ Walks in the park
✓ Baby Animals
✓ Listening to classical Music
✓ Playing with her guitar 
✓ Old-fashioned methods
✓ Rain

✘ Spicy Food
✘ Negativity
✘ Electronic devices
✘ Appliances - trying to get used to it
✘ Loud noises
✘ Clutter
✘ Misunderstandings
✘ Being weak and sick



adventvera16's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Kamusta po kayong lahat?
Kinagagalak ko kayong makilala!

How’s everyone doing?
I am very charmed to meet all of you~!

no drama stamp by ScittyKitty

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear

Name: Aileen, Ai-Ai, Leen, Lenne
Filipino // Aries // Female // 21

I'm an average self-taught artist who happens to find time to draw and write stuff every now and then. Having finally been active here on DA, I am now a slightly Traditional Artist, more of a Digital Artist and a slightly active Writer. Pretty much DA opened up my world….literally.

I treasure friendships, may it be online or not, so I'd love to meet new friends and chat about our interests. Let's all get along. :D I don't bite~! I nibble, though. :D

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Fanfiction (INACTIVE) Tumblr (ACTIVE)

At the moment, I am working on Hetalia: Axis Powers. I have a pretty much wide variety of liked anime and manga, but still a few get onto my top list to keep and watch.

:icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz: :icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz:


Honesty by heartbreaker19 Banner by :iconheartbreaker19:
Hiatus: Honesty Honesty Chapter1
UKPH shipping! TsunEngland! and OC!Philippines! England always has a hard time expressing what he wants to say, so they don’t get him most of the time. So how can he tell the girl he likes how he really feels? A slice of life story, romantic turns, supportive friends and friends developing to more than that.

I am so sorry I have not been working on this. I may still need some more time to do this. I am getting mixed up thoughts for the ending and so much more on how it will flow. Please forgive me on this.

On-going: KorPiri and UKPH artworks, Chico and Friends, Bits of My Everyday Life

:icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz: :icontiphankeplz::icontiphankeplz:


Random Stuff About Me or Interests:

Biology rocks your world...literally!!
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